Today Advocaten is an ambitious law firm established in Eindhoven. The firm, founded by Jason Strong and Hendrik de Boer, provides high quality legal services with a solution-focused approach. The lawyers consider a solid relationship with the client of the utmost importance.

Today Advocaten focuses primarily on enterprises, but also assists (non) profit organisations, (semi) public authorities and individuals throughout a variety of civil law matters.

Today Advocaten is available for entrepreneurs who wish to resolve a conflict with a business contact, for the legal department that wants to keep legal risks and processes under control, for the director who must take measures to safeguard the continuity of the company during bad times and especially for anyone who wants the best legal assistance without frills. All this at competitive rates.

High quality provision of legal services

We believe that quality is of the utmost importance. Our business operations are based entirely on serving the interests of the client. We speak the language of the entrepreneur and approach each individual case in a solution-focused manner.

Both of our lawyers studied at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam and, prior to founding Today Advocaten, acquired extensive experience with reputable law firms in Amsterdam, ’s-Hertogenbosch and Maastricht.

We make use of the latest (digital) legal knowledge sources and ensure that we are always fully informed of any development relevant to our clients. We aim to optimize our provision of services at all times.

Competitive rates

Our rates are always discussed in advance and because we do not have any unnecessary overheads, we are able to offer our services at very competitive rates.

We can arrange fixed fees for specific cases. We will first discuss the contents and scope of the case with you and then agree upon a fixed fee. In other specific cases, we can make result-dependent arrangements (success fee).

Alternatively, you may prefer to make arrangements on an hourly basis. In this case, we will, if possible, draw up an estimate of the expected costs in advance. Our invoices are on a monthly basis, with a clear and concise specification of the work executed by us.

We also act for clients with legal expenses insurances. We will assess whether legal assistance by a lawyer falls under the cover of your insurance and, if necessary, we will contact your legal expenses insurance company.


Jason Strong

Jason is specialised in corporate law, national and international contract law and employment law.

Jason speaks the language of the entrepreneur. He has a practical, solution-focused approach to each case. His practice comprises inter alia of providing advice to and assisting companies and directors. In this manner, Jason advises clients during the coming into effect and termination of contracts. Jason also acts for clients during the collection of claims, and assists employers as well as employees in employment law cases.  

Hendrik de Boer

Hendrik is specialised in real estate- and tenancy law, national and international contract law and corporate law.

Hendrik is a litigator through and through. He conducts a broad civil law practice focused on corporate law and property law disputes. Hendrik also advises governmental and semi-governmental agencies and companies with regard to outlining and controlling legal risks. Hendrik has a corporate and financial background and extensive experience as an (in-house) lawyer of large Dutch real estate companies.

Hendrik has extensive expertise in the field of civil law dispute resolution. In addition to conducting proceedings before the “ordinary” courts, Hendrik also regularly acts in arbitration cases and in mediation proceedings.

Fields of expertise

Today Advocaten assists companies and individuals during diverse (complex) civil law matters.

We have broad expertise with regard to providing advice and conducting litigation in the following fields:

  • Employment law
  • Contract law
  • Corporate law
  • Procedural law
  • Property / real estate law

Employment law

At TodayAdvocaten, employers as well as employees are welcome for advice on employment law issues and for legal assistance during employment conflicts.

This includes, for example, the assessment and drawing up of employment contracts, termination of the employment contract by mutual consent, instant dismissal, grounds for dismissal, non-competition and non-solicitation clauses, employers’ and employees’ liability, the collection of unpaid salary, as well as reorganisations and rights of participation.

Contract law

The lawyers of Today Advocaten have extensive expertise in the field of the law of obligations and liability law. We advise our clients during the drawing up and final negotiations of national and international contracts or during the termination thereof.

We act decisively in a variety of civil disputes with regard to inter alia contractual interest failures, unlawful act and undue payment. We will assist you regardless of whether you are the claimant or the defending party and our objective is always to reach the most favourable solution for you. If reaching an amicable settlement is not possible, we will assist you in the best possible way during civil proceedings. We have extensive experience in the field of procedural law, before civil courts as well as before arbitration institutes.

Corporate law

The lawyers of Today Advocaten have extensive experience in the field of corporate law.

We advise and litigate with regard to a variety of different corporate law cases. For example, we handle cases concerning shareholder disputes, the assessment and drawing up of contracts and general terms and conditions, restructuring and directors’ and officers’ liability. The field of financing and securities also forms part of our specialities.

Procedural law

The lawyers of Today Advocaten have extensive experience in conducting civil proceedings before the ordinary courts (District Courts and Appeal Courts) as well as in national and international arbitration cases.

A variety of proceedings are conducted before the District Courts and Appeal Courts, such as proceedings on the merits, preliminary relief proceedings and appeal proceedings.

The proceedings concern different civil law subjects in various legal fields. For example, disputes with regard to:

  • directors’ and officers’ liability
  • non-competition and non-solicitation clauses
  • European order for payment procedure
  • petitions for bankruptcy
  • leasing of property
  • purchase of movable and immovable property
  • compliance with agreements
  • unlawful act and breach of contract
  • means of challenging the court decision; objection and appeal
  • concluding and termination of agreements
  • security interests

Real estate law

Today Advocaten advises and litigates in the field of real estate law.

We advise real estate companies and public authorities during the coming into effect of purchase agreements and leases concerning (commercial) real estate and during real estate disputes. We are specialised in tenancy law and our tenancy law practice inter alia comprises of cases concerning the interpretation of and compliance with lease conditions, and termination and eviction disputes.

Public and semi-public authorities are at the right address when they come to us for advice in the field of invitations to tender and state aid, (anterior) agreements, time limit issues and land cases.

Other services

Debt collection services

Today Advocaten can help you with the collection of your claims. We offer an effective and reliable collection solution for public and semi-public authorities and companies. We can take over your debt collection worries and ensure that your invoices are paid more promptly. This helps to keep your organisation healthy.

We have set up our digital collection system in such a manner as to make the collection of your claims as simple as possible for you, and at the same time to achieve returns that are as high as possible. We can collect individual claims as well as complete accounts receivable portfolios.  We can offer favourable rates in this respect, depending on the number of claims.

In-house services

Today Advocaten offers its clients the possibility to hire one of our lawyers (temporarily) as in-house lawyer/corporate lawyer. If you need assistance during specific projects, during periods of temporary extra strain or if your corporate lawyer is absent (for example as a result of maternity leave or sickness), Today Advocaten can help you out at very competitive rates.


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